Hi friends welcome to my blog😊 Here you can find all sorts of things, from healthy eating to random short stories. My priorities in life are health and happiness and for me, writing plays a huge role in both of these things. When I’m sad, I write. When I’m mad, I write. While not everything on here is 100% positive, it is what gets me through the hard times, which I associate with mental health. So on my blog (healthy4happy) there will be a wide variety of topics that all relate to health and happiness somehow!

   Aside from ice dance, my passions are writing, reading, helping people, and health and fitness! I have been writing for a long time and recently have been receiving really positive feedback from readers. My writing will always be something that I’m very cautious about sharing, but It’s something I feel should be shared.  I made my Instagram account @health.4.happiness to help inspire people with all types of things. It’s been incredibly special to me to be able to help and talk to so many people. I’ve grown to have a love for fitness from being an active athlete and participating in all sorts of off-ice training, from hot yoga to strength training with things like ballet and Pilates in between! I have a passion for finding physical activity that makes us happy and leaves us feeling great! I’m a huge advocate for healthy eating WITH A HEALTHY MINDSET. 

   So this is me, stay tuned if anything sounds good to you! ❤ all my love