Jammin’ Gym Workouts

No motivation to go to the gym? It may be because you are bored of the same routine. It might be time for you to switch up your workout routine. Before you panic, read this blog for some seriously FUN WORKOUTS!

I try to incorporate variety into all my workouts so that I am constantly adding in some excitement and an extra challenge! 


fun cardio? Oh yeah, it’s a thing. 


Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 5.28.43 PM.png


  • Cardio Warm-up-10 min elliptical/ run
  • Circuit-Repeat 3 Times
    1. Jumping Jacks x30
    2. KB swings  x20
    3. Butt Kickers   x20
    4. Weighted Russian Twists x30
    5. High knees x40
    6. Push ups x20
    7. Mountain climbers x40
    8. Reverse Crunches x20
    9. Jump ropes x30
    10. Plank 60 seconds
  • Strength-Repeat 3 Times
    • KB Lunge Press x10
    • KB windmills x10
    • KB deadliest x10
    • Bicep Curls  x10
    • Overhead Press x10

Upper Body:

Warm Up with elliptical or treadmill with incline

  • Up down Pushes x10
  • Leg raises to Pike x10
  • Leg raises to Pike then Tuck x10
  • Tricep Curls x15
  • Weighted Sit-Ups
  • Row machine 1 minute
  • Push ups x20
  • Tricep Dips x20
  • TRX x’s  x10
  • TRX Y’s  x10
  • TRX Pull Ups x10
  • Double Arm Raises (DB) x10
  • Single Arm Raises (DB) x10
  • Lat Machine Pulls x5


Chance The Rapper-Cocoa Butter Kisses, Juke Jam, Juice,  Angels, Summer Friends.

Logic- I am the Greatest, Flexicution, Lord Willin’, Driving Ms Daisy.

D.R.A.M-Broccolli (I’m sorry, I can’t help it).

Kendrick Lamar- i, Poetic Justice, King Kunta and Alright.

Beyoncé- Crazy in Love, ***Flawless, 7/11, Partition.



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