“Happiness is a cup of coffee and a good book.”

I pull down the covers and crawl into bed

I open my book, and I rest my head

These words will take me to a different place

Another country, time or maybe even outer space?


The words are painting pictures in my mind

I see pictures of a new place I can easily find.

Tonight I am in a fairy tale

Maybe tomorrow night I will find the holy grail!


My eyes start to shut.

I want to keep reading, but

The real world is asking for me to come back.

I don’t want to leave this colorful world, and return to one so boring and black.


But I close my book and set it beside me

It takes the place of where another human should be.

We lie there in the dark, my book and I

“goodnight, I’ll be back tomorrow night” with a book, you never have to say good-bye.


(the magic of a book, my own poem)

So here are 5 of the best books I’ve read in the past year, that I recommend to anyone.

The Help, Water For Elephants, I Let You Go, Milk & Honey, My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry

My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry is a depressing, but adorable story about a girl, Elsa, and her grandmother’s unique friendship. Elsa and her grandmother are both different, but that’s why they get along. Since Elsa is different she struggles to make any friends at all. But she doesn’t mind because she has her grandmother and her grandmother says it is good to be different. The two of them share a magical world that no one knows about, or at least, that’s what Elsa thought. Throughout the story Elsa makes many different friends and things start to make more sense to her. Elsa is a seven-year old with one big personality and she, with the help of Fredrik Backman, can tell a story like no other. This book is absolutely worth reading, and I have to say is my all time favorite.

I Let You Go is a heart-breaking, edge of your seat story with plot twists that leave your jaw dropped for days. This book was one that I could not put down. The story begins with a car accident that changes everyone’s lives. Jenna, the main character, leaves the town that has caused her so much pain and lives in a distant isolated cottage alone. She has cut off all connection to her world and her world has no connection with her. Throughout the story, Jenna tries to find peace, happiness and herself in a new life. Clare Mackintosh paints such a detailed picture with her words, causing me to be emerged in her stories. The characters became family and as I read I cried, laughed and screamed with them from beginning to end. It is definitely not a light read, but it’s a breath-taking one. 

The Help is one of the few books I’ve read that also was made into a decent movie. The movie does not beat the book but it comes close to its level of amazing. Kathryn Stockett writes from several points of views from a few incredibly diverse characters. One narrator is called Skeeter, she is a southern white girl. Skeeter is different from the other white girls in Jacksonville, however. Skeeter has respect for “the help” and has ambitions other than marriage. Skeeter is a writer and hopes to use her writing to make a change in Jacksonville. Minny, another narrator, is a maid with a sassy personality. She is hysterically strong and independent and has something to say about everything. The last narrator is Aibileen. Aibileen is calm and quiet but has opinions about what is going on. She has a huge heart and cares for everyone in her life. The three narrators are vastly different, but similar in that they all have three brilliant stories to tell. 

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