Renovator by the name of ED

I called in a professional

To fix the exterior of my home.

From the outside it’s too round,  too tall and the color so dull.

It just doesn’t fit in, it’s all ugly, especially the dome.


The man shows up at my house

I open the door and invite him in.

Behind him, I fix my hair and tug at my blouse,

He takes a look and says, “well, let’s just begin.”


He tears my home apart

Piece by piece, story by story.

I pretend the house wasn’t dear to my heart,

That it was never once all my pride and glory.


I stand back to admire what this man has created,

But all I see is a house like my old one

Except small and deflated.

I ask the man to leave, I tell him his work is done.


He looks at me and shakes his head

“I am going to be here a while”

“You invited me in, why don’t I stay and fix the inside now instead?”

“You called me remember, you asked for my help. Come on, let me see you smile.”


I wanted his help, I did. I admit I was the one who let him in,

But only to make my house appear normal, and more appealing.

And now he’s torn it all down, everything on the outside as well as everything within.

And now my home is empty, he’s taken all the life and all the feeling.


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