Fun in the Sun (Active Style)

My Top 5 Favorite Ways to Get Active This Summer!

Exercise should not be a chore! No one should have to feel like in order to be active, they need to spend their summer at the gym. Getting moving and being active should feel good and enjoyable, and shouldn’t be something we do for results or because we “have to”. Exercise should be something you do for YOU! Here are my top five ways to get active while having fun in the sun!

Go For a Hike

Maybe try out the back routes at a local park, or explore hidden pathways you’ve never taken before. Go through the windy trails in the forest near where you live. Climb up the rocks by the beach or the lake!

Cool Down with a Swim

Whether it’s the pool, lake or ocean, swimming is an amazing way to move your body and have fun while doing it! You can even bring back those childhood pool games like; Categories, Marco Polo, or even chicken!

Go for a Bike Ride

Is your bike sitting in the back of your garage like mine is? Well, now is your opportunity to pull it out and get peddling! Riding bikes with my family is a summer tradition in my house and I hope some of you try it out with your own families!

Yoga in the Backyard!

Try out those handstands you’ve been wanting to master. Practice new poses and stretches while the warm sun shines on you and brings you extra positivity.

Play a Game/Sport

Whether it’s tennis, baseball, lacrosse, or even frisbee, it’s always fun to get together with a friend or friends and get some good friendly competition going. You never know, maybe you’ll discover a hidden talent of yours!

I hope you all get the chance to enjoy some of these things this summer. Being active should always be a positive thing and hopefully these things will help integrate some happiness into your life and your workouts!


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