A letter to my sister

To my little sister,

   People in your life are going to try to break you down, it’s unavoidable. People will make you cry, laugh, shake and mad. That will happen. But don’t you dare ever let anyone make you feel less than you are. You need to love yourself. Start now. If I could go back to being younger the one thing I would change is the way I saw myself. I made the choice to hate myself and my body. I let people get to me. I could have chosen to trust in who I was and stay as happy as I once was. The greatest and most powerful thing you can ever do is love yourself. Love yourself when you get A’s on tests. Love yourself when you forgot to do the writing assignment due next class. Love yourself when someone tells you you’re unworthy. Love yourself so someone else can love you as well. Love yourself when you are rockin’ a bikini on the beach with other girls who are doing so as well. Love yourself when you’re looking in the mirror of an American Eagle dressing room with unflattering lighting that makes you gasp. Love yourself because there are so many reasons to.

   Things in your life will make you happy. There are NO rules about what that has to be. No one says you need to be an ice skater. No one says you NEED to constantly fake a smile if that’s not how you’re feeling. You have one job in life: Make yourself happy by living a life you love. Simple? Not really. People will think you’re weird or crazy or unreasonable but who asked them? Why does anyone else’s opinion matter when it comes to your happiness? Hint: it doesn’t. So make yourself that instagram account that makes you smile regardless of your age or your peers or who will make fun of you, because in the end if you’re doing what you love, you’re succeeding.

   Girls will be thinner than you, girls will be bigger than you. Girls will have bigger boobs than you and girls will have smaller butts than you. Suzy has gorgeous brown curly hair and adorable freckles. Emma only eats broccoli for breakfast (i gagged typing that). Lucy got straight A’s in all AP classes. Natasha got caught for smoking pot in the back of the school. These girls are all these things. But who decides what is ideal? No one has the major decision and final call when deciding what is ideal. Society promotes an ideal image but only to sell goods (weight loss teas, laser hair removal, nail polish, skin care, etc). But no one will ever hand you a slip of paper saying, “Girls, you must all be x ft tall, x lbs, have this color eyes and size x feet” because well it’s impossible (and boring). SO YOU DO YOU. Because Suzy can be gorgeous with lots of fabulous brown hair and size 4 dress, while you can be dashing with straight sassy shoulder length blond hair and radiant blue eyes and a contagious smile enclosed with dimples on each side. Don’t ever compare because comparison is the thief of self-confidence and happiness. It’s not your job to be “perfect” because there honestly is no perfect.



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