How to Overcome your Exercise Addiction

My Top Tips to Overcome Exercise Addiction


   Exercise and moving your body is such a special and crucial part of being healthy. It is something you will want to practice for your entire life in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and body. Your whole life is a long time, so in order to maintain your health, it is essential that you find a way of moving your body that you can sustain. If you have a bad relationship with exercise already then you won’t be able to continue a healthy routine for very long at all.


  1. Acknowledge that your relationship with exercise is UNHEALTHY.


Ask yourself a few questions:

-Why do I need to exercise right now?

-Do I want to exercise right now?

-Why am I doing this specific workout?

   If your answers involve things along the lines of; burning calories, changing your body, earning your food, punishing yourself for food, change yourself, etc. then you probably have an unhealthy relationship with exercise.

A healthy relationship with exercise includes exercising to clear your mind, feel confident in yourself, have fun, feel healthier, improve your mood, improve your sleep, etc.


        2.   Take a break from exercising.

   If you have been over exercising and forcing yourself to go to the gym every single day, it is so likely your body is WORN OUT. When our bodies are exhausted they do not perform workouts at their highest potential, meaning we aren’t getting everything out of our workout that we could be if we allowed our bodies some rest. Not only will resting improve your future workouts, but it will improve how your body feels and how your mind feels. Your mind constantly goes back and forth debating whether or not you should workout, what you should do in the gym, why you have to cancel plans to get your workout in, etc. and it’s exhausting! Let your mind and body be free and realize it is not going to harm you or your body.


3. Stop being afraid.

   Easier said than done, trust me, I know. One thing I’ve learned from recovery is that you will never stop fearing things until you do them and realize it’s not as bad as you thought. If you took your rest day on Sunday and you’re scared to take another one on Thanksgiving day, just do it. Allow yourself to enjoy time with your family and eat yummy foods and make memories. Honestly it’s more likely that you will be happier with yourself if you allow yourself to enjoy the holiday than If you made yourself spend the day at the gym. I can assure you that skipping the gym for a few days or weeks will be much easier than living with an exercise addiction all your life (or until you’re injured which is probably bound to happen the more you force your body to exercise when it’s worn down).

     4. Find ways to move your body that you genuinely ENJOY

   Exercise doesn’t have to be done at the gym. Exercise can include so many different things like walking your dog, doing yoga, running, swimming, tennis, ice skating, gymnastics, dance, soccer, biking, planting a garden, etc. Once you find a method of moving your body that you genuinely enjoy then not only will you be happier but you will see more results! You will be able to put more into your workouts because you’ll feel like you’re actually getting something back! Once exercise becomes something positive it will be something you can continue for your entire life to not only improve your health but to make you feel good as well.



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