The Gift of Gratitude

‘Tis the Season for love, laughter, family and togetherness. This time of year is meant for spending time with those you love and celebrating joy. However, it seems as though the holidays have become a time of wanting instead of valuing the blessings we already have. So often, we get caught thinking about all the things we could have instead of the things we do have.

It’s easy to get lost in the giving and receiving of gifts portion of the holidays. We tend to get caught up in the idea of the perfect gift. This provokes the feeling of wanting and wishing when the holidays are meant to be spent loving and laughing. It is so typical to get stressed over shopping for presents and trying to find things for people, something that will make them happy. Realistically though, a thing will only make someone happy for so long. Sure a new shirt will be great for a day or two, but family and memories will last a lifetime. Be present with your loved ones because that is what will radiate through your soul more than any item ever will.

For those focused on their health and fitness or those fighting an Eating Disorder, it’s very common to get anxious about food over the holidays. Christmas is full of baking cookies and eating with family and it can get overwhelming sometimes. Sometimes we feel guilt after enjoying several of Grandma’s homemade cookies and for some of us, the guilt becomes overpowering. I think it is important at this time to stop and realize how lucky we are. Sounds crazy right? You’re feeling like you’ve just made a huge mistake… what part of that feels lucky? The fact that we have food to indulge in is a blessing. To be able to fill our bellies this holiday season is something we should really be grateful for. There are so many families, kids, and elderly people who can not access food this holiday season. There are so many children that would dream of a plate full of fresh, warm, gooey cookies and a hot chocolate but will never be able to have it. We often skip over realizing how fortunate we are and instead waste our time worrying about such insignificant things like the number on the scale.

Give this season. Give more than just objects. Give time, love, help and kindness. It can be something as simple as giving a hug to your brother or something bigger like helping to feed the hungry. Everyone can give something, whether it’s a smile or your time or a generous donation, everything counts.

Express gratitude this holiday season. Look at WHO you have gathered around the tree instead of WHAT is underneath it. Give thanks for the food on your plate and on the table in front of you. Turn off your phone and share stories with your family. Laugh and smile as much as you can. Take a minute to appreciate all that you have and to just enjoy it. Let love and gratitude warm your soul as you let a warm mug of hot chocolate warm your fingers and taste buds. Enjoy every moment because memories will always be more precious than anything you can hold in your hands.


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