My Top 5 Tips to Having a Good Gym Session

Feeling stuck with your workouts? Doing the same exact gym routine over and over that now you’re simply just going through the motions without even enjoying it? I feel you, it happens to all of us. But if you follow me on instagram (@health.4.happiness) or have read any of my blog posts you would know I am only about exercise that makes you happy and feeling positive. With that being said, here are my top five tips to having a KILLER gym session!




Music totally changes my workouts. I have certain playlists for certain types of movement and they keep me motivated and enjoying every second of my gym session. For lower intensity workouts, I oftentimes listen to podcasts too and I find I really enjoy that as well. Another key component of this tip is to have headphones. I totally recommend wireless headphones that way you don’t have to hassle with your phone during your session and you won’t have it distracting you. If you need a good playlist there are tons of workout ones on spotify or you can follow mine: clairepurnell1!




Sometimes I choose my workout way earlier in the week or even the night before and then find that when it is time, I am totally not feeling that workout AT ALL. Nothing is worse than forcing yourself through a workout you totally dread. So, right before you head to the gym chose a workout that you really feel inspired to do. Sometimes I don’t even plan my workouts at all! I just get to the gym, play my music and do what my body wants to do and it feels AMAZING.




Girl, put on your favorite pair of lulu leggings and a cute sports bra and you just go strut your stuff and kill that workout! No but seriously, when I feel good in an outfit I find that I am in such a positive headspace and so motivated to just crush my workout. And of course, you get the best post workout selfies when you are feelin’ yourself (;




I like to think of my body as a car and food as gasoline. There is no way my car is going to go speeding through this workout on empty. You need energy to move and to give energy because without that you’ll be giving energy from nothing and there is no way you are going to do your best or feel your best! Some people can and enjoy working out fasted, but if that is not for you it is totally okay. Listen to what your body needs and wants and it will lead to progress in your workouts!




It’s really easy to get frustrated with yourself and your progress in the gym, we’ve all been there. I think it’s so important to step back and just acknowledge that we are trying. We should all be proud of the fact that we want to have a good workout and that we go to the gym or move our bodies frequently because that is already such a positive thing that we should celebrate. It is important to know that not every workout will be our best and that is okay! When you are smashing it in the gym, make sure you are being kind and complementary to yourself. And when your workout feels like complete shit, acknowledge it and realize this workout was not your best but that is not ruining your progress nor is it a reflection of you and your strength!

That’s it! Those tips are honestly super simple and anyone can do them. I hope you try them out and find yourself leaving the gym with sore legs and a huge smile on your face because that post workout positivity is truly one of the best feelings!

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