I’m Just a Used Library Book

He went to the library to search for the perfect book. A book that entertains him, absorbs him, occupies him, a book that satisfies his every need. He approaches the first section but all the books seem a bit lifeless and dull. History. Figures. He scans past the Fantasy section but it all just seems to be a bit too much for him. He wants something easy and light but also entertaining and thought provoking. He scans the isles until finally this slim, bright book pops out at him. It’s not sticking out of the row or behaving in any peculiar fashion, but something about it draws him in. It’s beautiful in the way that the best books can be.

He brings the book home, cuddles into bed and gently flips open to the first page. Fifteen pages later he is laughing and smiling as his eyes capture every word. There’s an airiness about the book and the way it makes him feel, he hopes it will last forever. He pauses his reading to go run some errands, but while he’s away he finds that he misses the book. He feels like he needs the book. This feeling of desire and longing is new to him and it’s scary, but he has to go back to the book. He has to hold it in his hands.

The next night he’s tucked comfortably in his bed reading. But he’s stopped laughing and his eyebrows are creased with concern. This light, quirky book suddenly became so dark and scary and his heart aches in a way that it has never ached before. He can’t do anything about it either. He can’t make the book happy again but he also can’t put it down. He can’t stop reading, he can’t leave the book alone. So he holds on tighter, and the book lets him. He has opened the books pages, and this story has now become his. And suddenly the book feels lighter.

But after a while he was done with the book. He closed it, hoping to escape its sadness. He returned it to the library hoping he will never have to think about it again. And there it lies, a broken, used, mistreated book, waiting for the next person who sees only its exterior beauty to  pick it up, use it then abandon it. Like they all do.



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