Needing myself

The dumbest thought i’ve ever had,

Is that you saved me.

But baby, you never saved me.

You distracted me until I learned to save myself.


You held on to me so tight,

I mistook it for a reason to stay.

And when all of the sudden you let go,

I fell down, but it hardly hurt.


But the thing is I was never high enough for the fall to hurt.

You held on to me but you never picked me up,

You never actually made things better for me,

You just made me feel needed, I didn’t know all I needed was myself.


I was sitting there,

Dropped and broken, but not more broken than before,

And I realized,

It’s time to put my pieces together and pick myself up.


And here I am,

On my feet, standing taller than I ever have before.

Realizing I never needed you, or anyone really.

Because all along I’ve just needed myself.




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