To My Daughter

To my daughter,

Always be kind to everyone.

Remember to drink a lot of water.

Don’t take life too seriously, just try to have fun.


If he doesn’t make time for you, don’t make time for him.

Keep your friends close,

And let them know you’re there for them.

As they said when I was young, “hoes over bros”.


Go outside every day.

Nature puts things in perspective,

And it will never go away

no matter where or how long you live.


Try not to overthink

what people say or do.

Don’t let your dishes sit in the sink

Never do things just so people like you.


Don’t worry about judgement from others,

because really people only think about themselves.

Be nice to all mothers.

And always keep enough books on your shelves.


Always have a dog to love when you get home.

Don’t waste time caring about what you look like.

Put away your phone.

Stay active, go for a swim, a run or ride your bike.


But most of of all,

you have to love yourself and who you are.

Don’t rely on anyone to pick you up when you fall.

Follow these tips and honey, you’ll go so far.




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