Morning & Night Time Routine

Morning & Night Time Routine

On a Weekday


My training and class schedules vary day to day, but I am just going to give an example of a typical day. I do try to incorporate all these things in every morning, even if I start earlier. All the things I incorporate in my morning routine are to set me up for a positive day and put me in a happy place. The things I do at night are to set me up for the next day and to help me wind down since my days are usually busy and overwhelming. I’m not home to do my entire night routine every single night and that is totally fine, but this is what I like to do when I am home.  Okay, let’s get started!



6:30 a.m.

My alarm goes off. I sleep with my phone plugged in across the room so that I have to actually get up and turn my alarm off instead of snoozing it.

Start my Lilspace Session

The very first thing I do is open my Lilspace app and start my unplugged session. This app snoozes my social media accounts. I usually have it running until I finish my first training session of the day so I go a few hours after waking up without checking any social media. (To make this more fun, I joined the Almost30 group and I can unplug with this team; and we all are competing to see who can get the most hours unplugged).


Then I open my Unplug meditation app, select a guided meditation and meditate. Meditation was hard for me at first, but it has really made an amazing impact on how I live my life.


I use Katie Dalebout’s journaling book, Let it Out. She has more than 50 journaling tools in this book. Usually, in the mornings, I do her tool, “The Morning Dump” or “Dream Decoder”.



This whole mindfulness routine takes about 20 minutes.

Get Ready

At this point, I turn on a podcast and listen to it until I leave the house. I make my bed, take my medicine/ supplements (the supplement I take is rosavin to help depression), put in my contacts, put my hair in a ponytail and get dressed.

Take my Dog Out

Pretty self-explanatory.

Hot Water with Lemon

It just makes me feel good and helps me get enough water in daily. I usually sip on it while making breakfast and feeding my dog.


I usually make oatmeal or Ancient harvest quinoa hot cereal.  I also have an iced coffee with chameleon cold brew and almond milk.

I get asked all the time so here is how I make my daily oatmeal:

In a pot I add,

  • Shredded zucchini ( I don’t really measure but maybe a ¼ zucchini. Sounds gross but you can’t taste it- helps get in more veggies and adds volume)
  • ¾ c quaker oats
  • Hella cinnamon
  • 1 ½ c water
  • Mix and turn the stove on high
  • When the oats start bubbling add about ½ c pumpkin purée
  • Stir
  • If you want it to be creamier, add more water. For thicker oats, you don’t need to add any more water
  • Take off  the stove and add collagen (I use further food collagen)
  • Once it’s in the bowl, I add nut butter. I add a tbsp (or more if you want) of nut butter to a little custard cup and mix with a little bit of water. This makes the nut butter super runny and liquidy. I pour it in the bowl of oatmeal and mix it all together and it totally changes the game.


Affirmation Cards

While I eat breakfast, I like to continue listening to the podcast I’ve been listening to that morning and I pull an affirmation card from my “Affirmators!” deck. I like to read the card a few times and use it as my focus for the day. When things feel overwhelming, I know I can always bring my focus back to the affirmation I picked that morning.

Last Things!

I then brush my teeth, get my stuff together, pet my dog a bunch and leave the house.



Schedule Following Day in Planner

I have a passion planner which breaks down my whole day into 30-minute intervals. I’m type A- this makes me happy. Our skating schedule varies daily so I write down our ice time, off-ice classes, college classes, homework and things I have to do the next day. This helps me prepare for the day ahead.

Make & Eat Dinner

Usually, at around 7:00 pm, I make dinner for my brother and I. My favorite dinner lately is salmon, sushi rice and Brussel sprouts.

Clean Up

After dinner, I make a huge glass of water with natural calm (magnesium supplement) in it. I sip on this as I clean up dishes from dinner. I also clean off the counters and put everything away.  I love listening to podcasts while I clean.


I’m not talking about a bubble bath and a facemask. I mean sometimes I’ll do this, but definitely not every day. I actually count just showering and taking care of my skin as self-care because I love doing this and it makes me feel good. So first I shower. Then I wash my face with the Detox Me mask from Fré skin care-I’m almost out and I’m beyond sad about it (even though I’m just going to order a new one) Sometimes when my body feels sore or I just need extra help feeling calm, I rub peppermint essential oil on the back of my neck.


After this, I throw on pajamas and snuggle up on the couch with some halo top, Netflix and hot tea. My favorite shows on Netflix are Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl, and Shameless. I just started The Good Place and I’m also getting into Pretty Little Liars (I know I’m really behind).

9:30 pm

I don’t usually make it in bed at this time, but I am trying to. I like to get in bed earlier because I can read longer before I fall asleep. I head to my room, brush my teeth, set my alarm for the next day and plug my phone in across from my bed. When I get in bed, I write down what I’m grateful for that day and then I pick up my book and start reading. My favorite book right now (I just finished it) is The Nightingale. I read until my eyes can no longer stay open and then I turn off my lamp and fall asleep!

I hope you got some ideas of ways to incorporate habits to increase positivity and mindfulness into your busy schedule. I really love my morning routine lately. I’m fairly new to meditation and really struggled to get into it, as I have a super busy mind. But once I started, I noticed the biggest difference in my daily life (in an amazing way). If you struggle with this too, I encourage you to just keep trying and I absolutely recommend the unplug meditation app. I will put links to all the products I mention below. Thanks for reading! (Use my discount code: Health4happiness) (use my code for a discount: Claire4)


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