H.4.H Workouts!

Whether you’re sick of your old workout routine or you are entirely new to working out, you’ve come to the right place. I personally love making up my own workouts and I am very grateful of that because workout Ebooks & trainers can be really expensive. Sometimes you just need some new ideas, but don’t want to spend a ton of money. I feel that. So I thought I could provide some of my favorite workouts lately for everyone to access for FREE!

I personally get so much confidence and joy from a good workout and to me, that is the reason I workout. It is not a chore or a punishment for me and I think that is why I am fit and healthy, because I actually enjoy being active. I think before anything else, we need to establish a positive relationship with moving our bodies before we get too involved with the details of our workouts. Disclaimer: I am not certified nor do I have any professional fitness credentials or degrees. These are all workouts I do regularly and enjoy.

So with all that being said, here are some workouts that are making me sweat, get stronger and feel like a badass. They will be divided into categories based on the body part they are meant to target. Plus some tips to make your gym session more fun:


Workout #1

  • Warm-up on stairmaster. (You decide the time and pace, just make sure your heart rate is UP)
  • Circuit:
  1. Burpees x8
  2. Deadlifts x15
  3. Butt kickers x40
  4. Leg/ Hamstring curls (machine) x15
  5. Jump squats x15

Repeat 4 x

Workout #2

Warm up with a run, jump rope, elliptical, bike, or anything that boosts your heart-rate

  1. Jumping Jacks x50
  2. Inner Thigh Machine Squeezes x10
  3. Tuck Jumps x10
  4. Leg Press x10
  5. Lunges with Kettlebell x8 each leg
  6. Donkey Kicks with Resistance Band x10 each leg
  7. Curtsy Lunges x 8 each leg

Repeat 4 x


Workout #3

  • Circuit 1:
  1. Mountain Climbers x40
  2. Tricep Push Downs x10
  3. Cable Pulls x12
  4. Lat Bar Pull Downs x10
  5. Back Extensions x12
  6. Leg Raises x12

Repeat x4

  • Circuit 2:
  1. Slam Balls x20
  2. Bosu Push Ups x12
  3. Bosu Burpees x8
  4. Weighted Sit-Ups x10
  5. Flutter Kicks x10

Repeat x3-4

Workout #4

  • Circuit 1:
  1. Overhead Press x12
  2. Dumbbell Rows x12
  3. Barbell Rows  x12
  4. Lateral Raises  x12
  5. Chest Press x12

Repeat X4

  • Circuit 2:
  1. Bosu Mountain Climbers x20
  2. Bench Sit-Ups x10
  3. Hollow V-Sit & Hold x12
  4. Plank  1 min

Repeat x4


Workout #5

Sprint/ stairs on high speed to warm-up

  1. Burpees x8
  2. Mountain Climbers x30
  3. Slam Ball x15
  4. Bosu Burpees x8
  5. Leg Raises x10

Repeat x4


Lighter weights:

  1. Front pulse x30 s
  2. Side pulse x30 s
  3. Chest press x30 s
  4. Overhead press x30 s
  5. Tricep press x30 s

Repeat x4

Workout #6

  1. Ropes 2 minutes
  2. High knees to burpee 1 minute
  3. Deadlifts 1 minute
  4. Squat to Overhead Press 1 minute
  5. Spin Bike 5 minutes
  6. Push ups 1 minutes
  7. Row 5 minutes
  8. Medicine Ball Slams 1 minute

Repeat 4-5x


  • Always have headphones/ good music/ a podcast
  • Wear something you feel good in
  • Find out whether you workout better fasted or with food in your stomach (if you workout better after eating, find out what food fuels you best for your workout)
  • Always have a water bottle/ liquids
  • Go with a friend
  • Go around the same time every day
  • Decide if you prefer working out in the mornings/afternoons/ evenings best and then do so accordingly
  • Give yourself grace and listen to your body
  • Make sure you have AT LEAST 1-2 rest days a week
  • Switch it up! Try classes, different styles of workouts, walks, yoga, etc. to keep things interesting
  • Try to have fun! Working out should feel awesome for your mind and body.

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